In this section, we have what I like to call our "Misfits." This doesn't mean "bad trailer" by any means. In fact, if this did mean "bad trailer," the tab would say just that. I can assure you, however, that tab is NOT coming soon. The trailers featured here are one of a kind trailers that don't necessarily belong in any other tab. In this section, we will post used trailers, discounted trailers, and unique trailers (perhaps ones that were custom made for a customer that changed their mind or whatnot). This list of trailers will always be changing, so be sure to check back often to see what kind of "misfits" we have for sale this week!

6x12 Utility w/side access, ramps

This trailer is now offered full-time at Hill Equipment. This trailer is manufactured by Bluegrass Trailer Manufacturing, and comes equipped with a 2" coupler, wood deck, 1' high rails, and has ramps built into the side that can be removed for side loading - in addition to the ramp on the back! This is a very versatile trailer.