We have open trailers to suit you. From a 5 x 8 single axle lawnmower trailer to a 20' 14,000 GVW trailer and anything in between, we have THE right trailer for you. Carrying trailers from both American Manufacturing Operations Inc and Hill Equipment Trailers Manufacturing, we have an extensive line to choose from. Even with a variety on the lot, we have several choices with many options that can be ordered. Speaking of choices and options, I feel a quote from Henry Ford would be appropriate: "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black"; and likewise, our open trailers all come with black bodies and tires, and white spoke .

Single Axle Utility

Our single axle utility trailers are manufactured by American Manufacturing. The sizes range from 5x8 to 6x14. The tires are 15" bias tires, connected to the trailer by way of a single 3500# axle. A removable 4' ramp gate is on the back, and the tounge is the "A-Frame" style. These trailers require a 2" ball.

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Tandem Axle Utility

For heavier loads, we carry a line of tandem axle utility trailers. With dual 3500# axles, any size trailer carries a GVW of seven thousand pounds. These trailers come equipped with a 2 5/16" coupler and electric brakes, taillights in the rear, reflectors up front, and wood floors.

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Flatbed Trailers

We carry two manufacturer's flatbed trailers - American Manufacturing and Hill Equipment Manufacturing. The AM trailers come 82" wide and can are available in 16' and 18' models, and come equipped with removable fenders. Ramps and dovetails are available for either model. We at Hill Equipment manufacture flatbeds as well- with similar features, but many options.

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Dump Trailers

We carry a 6'x10' starting at only $3950. This model is equipped with two 5000 pound axles, thereby rating it at ten thousand pounds gross vehicle weight (10,000# GVW). Every wheel has brakes, they come equipped with a breakaway controller, and come with a remote to raise and lower the unit.


Our heavy-duty deckovers come 20' in length (16' deck, 4' dovetail), and have flip-up ramps. The 10,000 pound model is just $3200, and the 14,000 pound model is $3900. The trailer comes with lights, wired, DOT red/silver taped, and ready to roll out the gates. Though it includes a standard jack, you can choose to upgrade your trailer to include a 10,000# capacity jack for an aditional $175.

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We at Hill Equipment manufacture a 10,000 pound GVW skidloader at 16' for $3200. The trailer features two 5200# axles with electric brakes, a treated wood floor, DOT tape, flip up ramps, and diamond plate fenders. Options, such as heaver axles, pintel hitch, 10k# drop leg jack, and diamond plate steel floor are available at an additional cost. The complete price list is coming soon.