Our Pace Journeys are divided into three categories here: Single Axle, Dual Axle, and Car Haulers. All the trailers listed herein, regardless of the size, come with 3/4" plywood flooring, 3/8" plywood walls, 16" center uprights, LED lights, an interior dome light, and 15" radial tires. Several colors are available at the prices listed, including white, black, silver, charcoal, and pewter; and any given one of these colors can be seen on our lot. Though we have a variety of sizes and colors available on the lot at all times, we have new trailers rolling in all the time, and can order trailers tailored to your specific needs within weeks.

Single Axle Trailers

Included with all the features listed above, these models come with a single 3500 lb axle without brakes. Due to the fact that they do not have brakes, they carry a GVW of 2990 pounds.






5 x 8



5 x 10



6 x 10 w/32" Side Door



6 x 12 w/32" Side Door



6 x 14 w/32" Side Door



7 x 12 w/32" Side Door


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Tandem Axle Trailers

Again, with the same standard features listed above, the tandem axle trailers are built for heavier loads. With dual 3500 pound axles, these are built to haul a ton or two. For added safety, all wheels have brakes, and the trailer comes equipped with a breakaway system. a 2 5/16 hitch and round 7 prong plug are standard in these trailers.






6 x 12 w/32" Side Door



7 x 12 w/32" Side Door



7 x 14 w/32" Side Door



7 x 16 w/32" Side Door


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8.5' Wide

The eight and a half foot wide models are great for all kinds of hauling needs, including car hauling. Included with these models are everything mentioned above as well as the addition of four flush D-rings in the floor.






8.5 x 20 w/32" Side Door



8.5 x 24 w/32" Side Door



8.5 x 26 w/32" Side Door



8.5 x 28 w/32" Side Door


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Popular Options

This is a list of our more popular options and prices for custom orders. This list is NOT all-inclusive, as there are endless and somewhat more obscure options available to be added. If the trailer of your dreams includes options not listed below, call us at 419-253-2991





Electric Brakes



Additional Floor Crossmembers



Winch Plate



Fold-Down Stabilizer Jacks






E-Track (Wall)



E-Track (Floor)



1 pc Aluminum Roof
$7/lineal ft.



Roof Vent



48" Escape Door



Vinyl Floor
$21/lineal ft.



White Vinyl Walls
$7/lineal ft.



White Vinyl Ceiling
$13/lineal ft.



6" Extra Height
$13/lineal ft.


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